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    Travel Gear for the Ultimate Gamer

    Even the most dedicated gamer has to leave home on occasion. Of course, traveling doesn’t necessarily mean that gamers have to leave their systems behind. With the right travel gear, the ultimate gamer can stay connected to their favorite titles without putting any equipment in harm’s way.

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    The 5 Most Controversial Video Games Ever

    Videogames have courted controversy for years, sometimes deliberately and at other times due to inaccurate media reporting. Tabloids in the United Kingdom and the United States seem to take particular issue with games, especially in the wake of tragedies when they are looking for something easy to pin the blame on that will sell papers and get those who don’t know anything about gaming into a suitable lather.

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    Money on sports betting

    In the information space around the topic of bets, hysteria and excitement are constantly maintained. Everywhere there is a veil of easy money, a beautiful life, and all at the expense of wins on betting. As a practicing and successful team in the field of betting, we can responsibly declare that it is possible to make bets, but this is not easy money at all. Let the wet dreams do not obscure your mind when you see images of half-naked models, expensive cars and yachts, carefree stays in tropical resorts on the next resource. All this is the dust that another fraudster, “kapper”, throws into your eyes while you are…

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    Baldur’s Gate II: The Anatomy of a Sequel

    Introduction Just over two years ago Baldur’s Gate was released. It was the culmination of nearly 90 man-years of work by a number of inexperienced, but very talented and creative individuals at BioWare. BioWare was a Canadian game developer, with only a single title (Shattered Steel) to its credit prior to Baldur’s Gate. Published by Black Isle Studios (the internal RPG division of Interplay Productions), Baldur’s Gate was the next in a line of famed RPGs that included the venerable Bard’s Tale and the highly respected Fallout, both developed by Black Isle. Baldur’s Gate beat the odds and was both a critical and a commercial success (it collected nearly all of the industry’s PC RPG of the year awards and…