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Final Vision

A platformer game, with a Final Fantasy theme. Soundtrack by Johan Hargne. Released October 2007.

At this phase of the game you MUST grind, or else you’ll die a horrible death in the eastern area. Up until this point I was playing the game with… no armour. And was still doing fine. I buy some Dragon Armour though since it’s the best thing I can find.

I pick up the Javelin since it has good stats too. Gramis is the name of a Final Fantasy XII character according to the Final Fantasy wiki. Down the hole is one of these rebel jerks. They can swing a flail at you or just bump into you. The flail hurts more though. As far as I remember, it isn’t the best weapon for the Dragoon, but it does double the Javelin so heck yeah we’re using it.

With it we can now kill anything in this area in one to two hits. From what I can gather, this is a guy from Lord of the Rings. Talking to the guy next to him further validates this claim. Also pay attention to that guy next to him.

Harpies! These things give the most experience out of any enemy in the game. Mount Gulug is featured in Final Fantasy I as well as IX. Going up here means you’re pretty much fighting the final boss. Before we do that…

It is possible to get up there, by the way. If you save at the statue and load your game, the airship will appear on the ledge. Then you can just use it to climb up there. There’s… nothing up there though so there’s not really a point. Also abusing the word “there”.

Yes, that was the whole game. Even with the unpassable pillar, that’s… everything. All in all, a short but fun time-waster with tons of unnecessary cameos. The end!