How do professionals differ from match-making players?

Often, many players think that they have reached a certain rank and do not grow up just because of a bad reaction. However, CS:GO is not just your aim. So, what do professionals do that ordinary workers do not? You can also learn more about this CSGO case opening material.

Speed of the pickup

We start with the easiest – the speed of aiming. This graph calculates the period of time for which the player makes the first shot at the enemy from the moment when he saw the middle of the head of the enemy. The blue chart shows the snipers, the red chart shows the reefers. The red dot is for professional snipers, the purple dot is for professional snipers. As you can see, professional snipers react tens of times faster than silvers. Global snipers are on average two to three times faster than Silver snipers.

Frags through Smoke

Quite an interesting parameter, which also increases with the level of players. For example, on the third silver, killing through the figs is done in 0.7% of cases with a rifle and in 1% of cases with AWP. But on the global scale it is already sewn through the figs in 2-3% of cases. This suggests that more experienced players know how to shoot through the smoke. More interesting statistics among professionals: snipers are less likely to kill through the smoke than reefers. This is due to the fact that pro-players are trying to shoot AWP for sure, but reeflers are trying to take as many free phrases as possible.

The number of headshot

The number of headshots, like many other parameters, increases proportionally with the level of players. However, there is an interesting fact: players with a high level try to make headshot from AWP. At the same time, professionals do not play for beauty, but try to guarantee to take an opponent, from which the percentage of headshot is extremely low. In addition, match-making players can accidentally get into the head, professionals do not do it.

Popular mistakes

There is also an analysis of popular financial errors, which are almost impossible to make by professionals. It is obvious that economic mistakes in match-making are more frequent, as players can’t always agree. Usually, professionals know when to buy, when to do this or that task and how to solve other economic issues. In match-making such problems are much more common. However, the higher the rank, the fewer such mistakes are made. On the schedule you can see the moments when it was necessary to give a partner a weapon, there was no need to make a purchase, it was necessary to buy another weapon and round, when the unnecessary armor was bought.


As you can see, all ranks and on the pro-stage of KD snipers are higher, so if you want to make an impact in the game, you should learn to play AWP, because in many situations you can kill the enemy more safely for their lives.

Personally, we recommend that our readers pay attention to the statistics presented above. In order to win, you need to develop at once in all aspects of the game. Just endlessly clicking on the match search button is not enough to raise your rank. You need to train your pickup speed on specially adapted maps, such as Aim_Botz. If you want to stitch through smoke well, try to play thoughtfully trying to predict where your opponent is. In addition, analyze CSGO skin upgrade.

And in order to know when to buy, you need to watch more matches of professionals, who know exactly when to make a full-bye, when something else, and when to play from a single kalash. Of course, not everyone in your team can know about it, but at least you try to act right. Believe me, it will affect the result. We hope our article was useful for you. Good luck on the CS:GO fields!