Fortnite game features

The first entries about the project called Fortnite date back to 2011. In 2014, the alpha version came out and began to gradually accumulate power. In 2017, it began to be sold with the addition “Early Access”. Epic Games developers were waiting for the right moment to announce their offspring officially ready. The release was planned for 2018, the main change in the transition to version 1.0 is the F2P system. But with the proviso that you have to buy game items for real money. The creators themselves say that a conditionally free project is waiting for us. Donate is not mandatory for the game, but they do not hide from us that they will be forced to make payments with all their might.

In 2018, the developers said that 78.3 million people play per month on their servers. This is a huge number. A curious fact: 7.78% of all world traffic goes to online games. Of all the games, Fortnite ranks second – 14.85% of gaming traffic, the first one is League of Legends – 26.42%.


Classic mode is similar to the mixture of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, said Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games studio. The match is divided into two parts – day and night. At night, players have to protect from zombie attacks, and during the day you can collect resources, build and craft. Collecting resources is quite exciting, you can disassemble anything. Give enough time, in different missions up to 20 minutes. In terms of construction, there are also no restrictions, take the material with you and build what you want and where you want. Minecraft is pure water, but there is a goal – to survive at night.

As soon as the preparations are finished, they come out – the walking dead. Maps in Fortnite are randomly generated. Not everything, there is a plot, they are drawn in advance. But in all the rest you will have to improvise. The object of protection and the spawn points of enemies are always in different places and it is impossible to predict in advance. In order for you to be able to fully enjoy the game, you need to know some secrets about Best Fortnite Settings.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Already, anyone can test the famous Battle Royal mode in this game for free. It is clear that the developers wanted to add popularity to their game due to the HYIP around the famous PUBG. But a similar regime in Fortnite can not be called a fake. The rules are classic: 100 people are at stake, the combat zone is narrowed to the center, only one survives, etc. The difference is that you can build buildings here. Do not be surprised if in the middle of the recent field you will find a brand new fort. Reading the enemy becomes more difficult, because you know for sure that he is somewhere nearby. The owner is sitting in the house or waiting outside to shoot you – that’s the question.

Fortnite system requirements

PUBG and Fortnite are made on one engine – Unreal Engine 4. But here the game is much more stable, there is no drawdown of FPS and lags. It is difficult to call it a fake, especially cheap. The technical component is 10 out of 10. The graphic settings are very wide, the minimum settings distort the game in full, but they allow you to run it even on calculators. In many modern games the difference between the minimum and ultra is almost imperceptible.

All the beauty that artists painted must be seen. At maximum speeds, the game draws a lot of video card and processor resources. We want to praise the developers for the possibility of fine-tuning. You can always reduce the parameters that load the processor, if it is weak. In this case, you can leave the graphics settings that load the video card. You can also use fortnite tips to get the chance to succeed as quickly as possible.

Minimum system requirements

To meet the minimum system requirements, the computer must be assembled 10 years ago. With this hardware, you can play in HD resolution with minimal settings.

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10;

Processor: Intel Core i3 from 2.4 GHz or equivalent from AMD;

RAM: 4 GB;

Video card: Intel HD 4000;

Disk space: 12 GB.