7 Cosplayer Pro tips for a relaxed and successful #gamescom2019

You want to present your cosplay at gamescom and want to know what you shouldn’t miss? In our Facebook Cosplay group we asked how you can best enjoy gamescom as a cosplayer – here are the Cosplayer Pro Tips:

1. Food and drinks

Think of water, bread and money so that you always have something to eat and drink with you, or you can buy something locally.

2. Emergency Repair Kit

In order to repair or mend your cosplays, you should have a needle and thread, safety pins, glue and wet wipes.

3. Consideration

“What goes around comes around”- always treat other visitors and cosplayers peacefully and respectfully.

4. Time planning

See everything relaxed. In order to enjoy gamescom without stress, it’s best to go there for at least 2 days.

5. Take care of yourself

Listen to your body, always go with the current and if you need a break, look for a quiet place to rest – for example in the family & friends area.

6. Pay attention to your cosplay

Don’t put any extremely sensitive or bulky things on your cosplay. Also check our costume design rules .

7. Have fun

Whether alone or with friends, stay positive, relaxed, have fun and enjoy the day! Very important: don’t just wear your cosplay but live it!