How to behave in Overwatch

As soon as it seems that Overwatch is bored and there is a desire to play the game Divinity Original Sin 2, it is enough to change the hero. Just now, you were a big German, walking, waving a jet hammer and, despite your height, looking at half of the heroes from below, but switching to, say, Hanzo, you found out that you can also run vertically on the cards. A slow motion starts with a rocket launcher – you move almost without touching the ground, maneuver between snipers, and from time to time arrange bombardments with justice. Brazilian techno bard Lucio slides on the walls, stunts and can not cope with the idea that Overwatch – not Jet Set Radio. Switching to Soldier 76, you find yourself almost in the typical military shooter of the era when Call of Duty did not yet have acrobatics from Titanfall, but already had a sprint and a noobtube-shooter.

And all these styles were able to fit in such a way that, on the one hand, there was a perfect imbalance, where one extreme balances the other, and on the other hand, every hero on any map has a case. If we compare it with Team Fortress 2, then the dynamics are different: fewer people, narrower specializations classes and as a result – more specific compositions of teams that are constantly changing, it’s worth for one of the players to feel that in this situation is better than someone else.

It is normal to change heroes in the course of a game

It often happens that with equal skill and in equal conditions, one hero is guaranteed to defeat the other: well, a robot Bastion decomposing in a turret can do nothing with terror at least some competent distant shooters. But with a clever game to equal conditions should not go – everyone has a weakness, and you need to use the geometry of the map and the team to smooth them out.

For example, you’re a robot monk – you know how to heal and kill very well, but for a good damage you pay with bitter awkwardness. It is an ideal target, crumbling from a single hit from a sniper rifle. However, if you know the map, you almost always imagine where the lady can stand and what area she is shooting. There are no ideal positions here, and it is easy to scare the sniper: pull him up with a hook, come from the back of a ninja or Reaper. And in the extreme case, the monk can be carried from shelter to shelter under the shield.

If you can’t wait for help from the team, or the Widow is smarter than the Widow hunters and constantly manifests itself in unexpected places – then yes, it hurts. But then you can replace the monk, for example, with a popular DJ Lucio. At such moments, you usually realize that everything has to be done differently, imagine how, and you become even a little better as a player – of course, until you overcome panic in the hell of the next fight.

In Overwatch, there are a lot of successful things. A random detail is one – the extra time given when trying to capture a point at the last moment, initiates almost the best moments of matches, when both teams from the last forces try to reach victory. A random detail is two – the heroes are constantly talking to each other before the match, during the match – they themselves say the things to be said. Random detail three – on the maps are scattered pieces of prehistory, holes in the walls and broken lights – where they were left in the plot trailers. Random detail four – in the movements of heroes and even weapons, one can feel the weight, up to the fact that the bomb details jump on the bumps. And so on.

If you want to study the Overwatch game more closely, it is best to watch professional video reviews first and gradually start playing. This way you can quickly get the necessary skills and discover many advantages of this game.