How to choose medications for heart pain

Taking medication for sudden heart pain without first consulting a cardiologist is highly discouraged. The reasons for which a person begins to feel pain in the heart are endless – from true cardiovascular disorders, really having a localization in the heart, to spasms of the skeletal muscles, sometimes mistaken for cardiac problems.

In no case should the importance of the organ be underestimated: the work of the valves and the clear lumen of the bloodways are the main and life-determining parameters of health. Incorrect choice of heart problem medicine can be disastrous for the treatment of any organ, and special attention should be paid to the choice of drugs for heart pain.

The medical classification of heart pain and its origin is quite complicated, but a general understanding of the causes of discomfort in the chest area can be roughly divided into two groups.

Cardiac disorders: all diseases that have a cardiological nature are dozens of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Not directly related to the heart and its work:

  1. disorders in the epigastrium (upper abdomen);
  2. disorders of vegetative nervous system (panic attacks, etc.);
  3. chest injuries, bruises (including intercostal neuropathy, osteochondrosis, etc.)
  4. pulmonary diseases (including asthma);
  5. viral nature (herpes zoster).

Popular and affordable pills for pain are not always a lifesaver: self-diagnosis and especially the choice of drugs can do more harm than relieve symptoms. The initial sudden pain is reason enough to see a doctor, and if the symptom does not go away despite taking pills, it means that the medication is not having the proper effect. It is also necessary to see a specialist in order to adjust the course of treatment.

What pills to take for different heart pains

The presence in the home medicine cabinet of well-known and widespread drugs based on Nitroglycerin is necessary only if the cause of heart pain is angina pectoris. In all other cases, such pills, produced under different trade names, can only do harm. Nitroglycerin preparations are contraindicated in heart failure, pericarditis, mitral and subaortic stenosis, arterial hypotension, tamponade, and other pathologies.

The principle of choosing pills that relieve cardiac pain of varying severity also applies to all other situations with cardiac abnormalities. If you had to face pain in the retrosternal space for the first time, it is necessary to call a doctor at home or to address the specialist in the place of residence. The need for pills, their dosage in each individual case is determined by the type of coronary disorder, the degree of its severity, taking into account the age of the patient, concomitant diseases.

How to relieve acute heart pain

In cardiology, such types of pain are not widespread enough, in the main mass, the appearance of such sensations has a direct relation to neuralgic disorders. Acute, well-localized chest pain is more indicative of intercostal neuropathy (neuralgia) than of cardiac problems.

Exceptions are pericarditis (inflammation of the pouch of the heart) and aortic dissection (rupture). In these cases, the symptom may appear in an acute form, but patients themselves describe it differently: sharp, stabbing, but always strong and suddenly arising pain. Now you can buy blood pressure medication online using specialized online pharmacies. This will be a great solution for everyone who is looking for an opportunity to buy medicines at bargain prices. Nevertheless, it is advisable to buy medication only after a doctor’s recommendation.