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    Baldur’s Gate II: The Anatomy of a Sequel

    Introduction Just over two years ago Baldur’s Gate was released. It was the culmination of nearly 90 man-years of work by a number of inexperienced, but very talented and creative individuals at BioWare. BioWare was a Canadian game developer, with only a single title (Shattered Steel) to its credit prior to Baldur’s Gate. Published by Black Isle Studios (the internal RPG division of Interplay Productions), Baldur’s Gate was the next in a line of famed RPGs that included the venerable Bard’s Tale and the highly respected Fallout, both developed by Black Isle. Baldur’s Gate beat the odds and was both a critical and a commercial success (it collected nearly all of the industry’s PC RPG of the year awards and…

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    Postmortem: Skirmish Line

    Over 3 years ago, I started work on Skirmish Line. You can and probably should check it out at this link to the Steam store page. In this post-mortem, I will be using what I call “The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected” format for portions of the postmortem. Game development is complex and filled with uncertainty. There are good and bad aspects from various decisions but also sometimes unexpected outcomes, so I feel this format helps highlight the process more clearly. My goal is to help other indie developers by detailing my own journey, and I sincerely hope this helps others who are starting out. Starting Out Your Starting Skills When…

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    Indie publisher Raw Fury has acquired the rights to the Kingdom franchise

    Indie publisher Raw Fury has purchased the rights to the Kingdom franchise from creator Thomas van den Berg for an undisclosed fee.  The kingdom-building simulation title was the first game published by Raw Fury, and has spawned two sequels including a reworked version of the original and a proper follow-up called Kingdom: Two Crowns.  The series has sold over 4 million copies to date, but after spending the best part of a decade working on the franchise van den Berg is looking to step away and explore new frontiers. With that in mind, the developer has sold the rights to Raw Fury so the series can continue. It’s a deal that works well for both parties, with…

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    An action platformer! Released June 2013. Angvik is a platform action game set in a joyful but unforgiving land. The castle has been taken over by a barbarian and no one else has the courage to confront him, so take up your father’s gear and set off on a wondrous journey! And you’re not alone: you’ll find many birds and items to aid you along the way, and you’ll encounter all sorts of creatures to fight as well. But watch your step! You have only one life, so if you die, you stay dead.

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    An action platformer! Soundtrack by Ben Pettengill. Released July 2010. Arvoesine is a tough NES-style platformer in which you play a Roman soldier, throwing spears and swiping your sword at the enemy.

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    Ainevoltas II

    A platformer game. Soundtrack by Johan Hargne. Released March 2008. Ainevoltas II is a 2D platformer with minor RPG elements. It is the sequel to the earlier game Ainevoltas, but also partly a remake as many of the original elements have been kept. Eleven years after the defeat of Azazel in the first game, players control Justin as he had to rid Aengsvik once more from monsters that have infested its surroundings again. Justin can jump, attack and duck to recover health. Defeating enemies provides small drops that fill up an experience bar. When it is full, skill points become available to upgrade health, strength, jump power and health recovery. Health recovery…

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    Final Vision

    A platformer game, with a Final Fantasy theme. Soundtrack by Johan Hargne. Released October 2007. At this phase of the game you MUST grind, or else you’ll die a horrible death in the eastern area. Up until this point I was playing the game with… no armour. And was still doing fine. I buy some Dragon Armour though since it’s the best thing I can find.