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    Ubisoft Reveal Uplay+ Launch Lineup

    We truly are in the midst of a streaming service revolution. For better or for worse, all of your favourite games are now digitally held by certain paid entry service models like Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, Google Stadia and in this case, Uplay+.

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    Travel Gear for the Ultimate Gamer

    Even the most dedicated gamer has to leave home on occasion. Of course, traveling doesn’t necessarily mean that gamers have to leave their systems behind. With the right travel gear, the ultimate gamer can stay connected to their favorite titles without putting any equipment in harm’s way.

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    The 5 Most Controversial Video Games Ever

    Videogames have courted controversy for years, sometimes deliberately and at other times due to inaccurate media reporting. Tabloids in the United Kingdom and the United States seem to take particular issue with games, especially in the wake of tragedies when they are looking for something easy to pin the blame on that will sell papers and get those who don’t know anything about gaming into a suitable lather.

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    Stages of mobile phone games development

    The development of a high-quality application requires the development of many nuances. A good game can quickly spread among users, so that without significant financial costs the client achieves the desired result. The creation of games for mobile phones goes through the following steps: Prototyping Pre-production Production Closed beta test Soft launch Release More about stages of game development The prototyping phase involves writing heaps of small prototypes that express some part of a future game. For example, you have an idea of a classy management for a character that will become the main piece. You take and do on cubes heels of implementation options, make sure that the idea…

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    Fortnite game features

    The first entries about the project called Fortnite date back to 2011. In 2014, the alpha version came out and began to gradually accumulate power. In 2017, it began to be sold with the addition “Early Access”. Epic Games developers were waiting for the right moment to announce their offspring officially ready. The release was planned for 2018, the main change in the transition to version 1.0 is the F2P system. But with the proviso that you have to buy game items for real money. The creators themselves say that a conditionally free project is waiting for us. Donate is not mandatory for the game, but they do not hide…

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    Video Games to Play on Your First Date

    The way that people meet romantic partners has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Instead of going on blind dates set up by friends, about 36 percent of women and 56 percent of men meet potential partners on dating apps.